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The Ultimate Staffing System

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The operating system for staffing.

A “scheduling program” no longer cuts it.

Clients and staff expect more from you, why are you not expecting more from your software?

Staffpoint™ is a complete operating system for your staffing world that handles and automates your scheduling without getting in the way.

Unlike other tools that show you who is working (and make you figure out who should be available), Staffpoint does that instinctively,with a clean, easy to use interface.

It’s a big distinction that guides the philosophy behind our entire system.

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Access your schedules and staff, wherever and whenever

Today’s business environment means scheduling doesn’t stop when you leave your desk.

Sick calls, last minutes requests, on call requirements, and more, mean that you need to be able to check your schedule at different times and remote locations.

Staffpoint™ lets you get to your calendar and personnel from anywhere the internet reaches, and on any platform.

Plays well with others


Your Staffing Hub

Accreditation tracking, Interactive Forms, Dynamic Pay Rates and more mean Staffpoint™ is no mere scheduling program.

Feature Rich, yet Super Easy

Staffpoint™ is feature-rich, but at its core, its easy color-coded interface and one click functionality can help you accomplish almost any task.

Secure and Reliable

You can rest easy! Staffpoint™ uses world class security with SSL protection and regular backups of all of your data.

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