Why you’re constantly hiring – and how to solve it

Your organization is struggling to fill all the gaps in the work schedule. Your personnel are overworked and it’s becoming harder and harder to fill last-minute shifts. 

Hiring new team members seems like the solution. 

So, you’ve hired skilled professionals. You’ve perfected your on-boarding process. Your new staff are excited and ready to work.

But, as their first two weeks fade from memory, your new hires haven’t been scheduled for a single shift. Meanwhile, your existing staff are just as overworked as they were before you hired anyone. 

Now, your newly hired staff are leaving for other opportunities. You’re short-staffed again and your HR team’s effort has been wasted.

The reason you’re feeling this constant pressure to hire more talent is because you’re not making the most of the talent you have! 

With a lot of shifts to fill, scheduling supervisors want to fill requests quickly while trusting that the personnel that they chose are qualified. They resort to assigning work to those they know can do the job. Often, newly hired (and skilled!) personnel are overlooked. 

So, even though you’ve hired skilled personnel, scheduling supervisors don’t have the information they need to give them work. Focusing on hiring new talent while recently hired talent sits idle is wasting time, effort and money. 

You don’t have a hiring problem. You have a scheduling problem.

You need to make better use of your existing personnel’s’ time and skills. Keep reading to learn how workforce management software and a scheduling system can help.

Staffpoint can show you everyone you have at your disposal, instantly. 

The first step towards solving your hiring problem is all about focusing on the talent that you already have. It’s time to learn more about your team.

Knowing more about your staff gives you the opportunity to assign them to work that better fit their qualifications and preferences. For example, if you’re part of the healthcare industry, you can assign nurses to work in multiple units if you know they have qualifications in that area.

For employees that don’t get scheduled very often, you’ll give them a chance to get more hours while using their diverse set of skills. For your business, you’ll gain skilled workers to fill important roles without constantly hiring.  

It probably sounds easier said than done. Having to build profiles and remember to reference them while scheduling all sounds too manual and slow. 

That’s why we recommend using a workforce management software like our Staffpoint staffing system. Staffpoint’s suggestion based system can help you make better use of your personnel’s’ skills and qualifications while spreading out the work fairly. 

With one click, you can see all the staff that are qualified and available to work the shift. Staffpoint will list staff according to their fit for the shift you’re looking to fill in the way you would prefer.

This becomes even more useful when you allow staff to work in multiple roles. Because Staffpoint will scan through all staff and their qualifications, you have visibility into everyone that is qualified for the shift. Without having to remember the experience,availability and work preference of every team member, you can give opportunities to those that wouldn’t typically be chosen for the job. Staffpoint will even keep track of the different pay depending on the role  the person works and adjust the payroll calculation if necessary.

Conclusion: it’s about providing opportunity. 

The key to making better use of your personnel’s’ skills, knowledge and availability is using tools that make it easier for the entire team. When you make it easier for schedulers to view who is qualified and available for shifts, they stop resorting to only those that they know can do the work. When you make it easier for staff to get more hours, you’re less likely to lose them to better opportunities. In all, making the scheduling process easier provides more opportunity and prevents overwork. 

Making better use of your employees time and skills will help them and your organization fill more shifts without having to hire more. 

Want to learn about a workforce management system that can help you with the things discussed in this article? Read about Staffpoint’s features.