Is it Really Just a Hiring Problem?

Your team is overworked and it’s becoming more difficult to fill last-minute shifts. The natural solution is to hire, and if you’re lucky, you find a few that are a good fit to add to your team. Two weeks of training goes by and the new hires haven’t been scheduled much or not at all. Meanwhile, your existing staff are just as overworked as they were before you hired anyone. Now, your newly hired staff are leaving for other opportunities. You’re short-staffed again and your HR team’s effort have been wasted. The reason you’re feeling this constant pressure to hire more talent could be solved with a tool that lets you make the most of the talent you have!

Make the most out of the talent you already have!

Schedulers want to fill requests quickly, this often means assigning work to those whom they already know, and often, newly hired (and sometimes more qualified) personnel are overlooked.  A lot of times it comes down to the schedulers not having the information they need to give your new hires work – there is only so much a scheduler can remember!

The first step towards solving your hiring problem is all about focusing on the talent that you already have. In an ideal situation, knowing everything about your staff means assigning them work based on their qualifications and preferences, while making sure you get the shift covered fast. Wouldn’t that be nice? But the reality is, there’s only so much information each scheduler can handle.

That’s why we recommend using a workforce management software like our Staffpoint Staffing System. Staffpoint allows you to efficiently schedule staff, without having to memorize every new detail of your existing and new hires. Our suggestion based system can help you make better use of your personnel’s skills and qualifications, and with automatic notification features, the work will spread out quickly and fairly.

This becomes even more useful when you have staff who are capable of working in multiple roles. Without needing to remember the experience, availability and work preference of every team member, Staffpoint has the capability to filter qualified personnel for you, so you can give opportunities to those that wouldn’t naturally be thought of for the job. Staffpoint will even keep track of the different pay based on the job the person works and adjust the payroll calculation automatically if necessary.

Conclusion: It’s about providing opportunity.

The key to making better use of your personnel’s skills, knowledge and availability is using tools that make it easier for the entire team. When you make it easier for schedulers to view who is qualified and available for shifts, they stop resorting to using the same staff. When you make it easier for staff to get more hours with instant reminders and an app that lets them grab shifts, you’re less likely to lose them to other opportunities. In all, making the scheduling process easier provides more opportunity and prevents overtime. Making better use of your employees time and skills will help them and your organization fill more shifts without having to hire more. Sounds too good to be true? Click here to book a personalized online demo or learn more about Staffpoint’s features.