The Staffpoint Holiday Update is here

It isn’t just Santa who has been busy.

We have been adding and fixing many features and have changed the look of Staffpoint so you can work even easier. We will be rolling out updates between January 8th 2024 and January 31st 2024, and wanted to give you a heads up on what’s coming down the chimney. Some new things coming include: Updated Visual Style, Security UpdatesCheck -in QuestionnairePersonnel Assignment Notes, Mobile Scheduling, Many other feature additions and improvements.

Updated Visual Style

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As we move to the next-gen Staffpoint, we have made some visual changes to match and with more space to work on any device.


Updated Security - Passwords May Need to be Reset

As part of this update, we’ve completely overhauled the way Staffpoint stores and manages user passwords to include the current industry standard encryption. Due to this, certain Personnel with weak passwords may be required to reset their password on their next login after your system is updated.

Check-in Questionnaire

You can now define specific Assignment Details as ‘questions’ that your Personnel will need to answer before they check in to an Assignment.
Based on the answer, they can warn the user or block them from checking in entirely when security or health concern requirements are in place.

Personnel Assignment Notes

New in this version – you can give your Personnel permission to add notes to assignments. These can be attached to the Location they’re working at or the specific assignment. These notes will be viewable by others in case specific information needs to be shared.
When a note is posted, a new ‘note’ icon will show in the icon area to notify you that a note has been posted, requiring your attention.

Mobile Responsive Scheduling

As part of our UI overhaul effort, the Staffpoint Team has made many sections of the system responsive in order to work on displays with narrower or smaller screens, such as tablets and phones.

Check it out!

Bug fixes, Improvements, and Optimizations!

Visual Changes

  • Added min and max widths to columns in various asset lists.
  • Various fixes for button alignment, column layout, and section visibility for mobile view.
  • Fixed alignment of ‘Show All Cancelled’ box in Client Panel.
  • Corrected a bunch of alignment issues within the Cancellation dialog UI.
  • Redesigned OT settings box in Client profiles.
  • Replaced ‘count’ column in Recurring details with Assignment ID.
  • Right-sized the filter dropdowns all over the system to better reflect their content. This includes responsive layouts for most filter bars and nav bars.
  • In many areas, prevented buttons from wrapping unnecessarily.
  • Assignments with notes will now display an icon in the Assignment Tag’s status bar.
  • Made many changes to OT UI:
    • Resized UI elements to fit varying screen widths better
    • Renamed some text labels to be more intuitive
    • OT % text fields have been changed to dropdown boxes to cut down on errors and confusion
    • OT options are now hidden if ‘disabled’ setting is chosen
    • Some options reorganized to make more sense in the assignment workflow

We’ve enhanced the following:

  • [Reminders] Reminders will now update in real-time before being sent! When you change the time/date of an assignment, or the attached Assignment Details, the system will intelligently update the reminder in the background, so that when it’s sent out, the most up-to-date information will be given to your Personnel.
  • [Recurring] You can now choose to clone a series when terminating it.
  • [Calendar] List view now has minimum and maximum column widths to reduce inappropriate text wrapping.
  • [Dispatching] When terminating a series, you can now choose to clone the series, or terminate the series at a future date rather than ‘now’.
  • [Notes] Public Assignment notes are now viewable by assigned Personnel.
  • [Divisions] Divisions now filter more dropdowns to show proper lists to Admin users
  • [Assignments] Individual Billing types can no longer be added multiple times to assignments.
  • [Recurring] Assignments from renewed series will now include the default Assignment Details.
  • [Attendance Tracking] OT was not calculating properly in some cases when used in conjunction with  Attendance Tracking.
  • [Emails] Welcome email mobile app download URLs have been updated.
  • [Custom Fields] Added a ‘Public’ visibility option for Personnel custom fields. This will show the field in the Personnel Panel’s ‘My details’ page. They will be non-editable there.
  • [Accreditations] Improved the messaging in the delete confirmation dialog.
  • [Reports] Payroll reports will now differentiate between Client and System/Personnel OT when appropriate in order to be more clear about how OT was accrued.
  • [Overtime] OT logic was modified in order to more accurately track and update OT accrual when assignments are managed out of order.
  • [Personnel] Added a search filter to the Personnel Type picker in Personnel profiles.
  • [General] Updated version in the title bar to 3.7.
  • [General] Improved/upgraded password hashing and security libraries.

We’ve corrected the following problems:

  • [Lists] Corrected a bug where sometimes, a list would stop scrolling before it reached the bottom, unintentionally hiding assets.
  • [Reports] Overtime would be calculated incorrectly in certain rare cases.
  • [New Request] On some screen sizes, the Billing Types dropdown would be cut off the bottom of the screen.
  • [Client Locations] Sometimes, when using the browser back button while editing a Location, the Client Name dropdown would break.
  • [Accreditations] The Personnel Type dropdown would, on some screen sizes, appear at the bottom of the screen when opened.
  • [Assignments] Rarely, when created by a Client User, the time and date would be the current time and date instead of the selected time and date, and the duration would be 0.00 hours.
  • [Reset Password] Some users would occasionally encounter an inability to reset their password using the link sent by the system.
  • [Accreditations] Some Personnel with expired accreditations not marked as mandatory would not be allowed to log in to the system.
  • [Client Portal] The Locations dropdown would, on some screen sizes, appear at the bottom of the screen when opened.
  • [Reports] Some users encountered a situation where the Print Statements would generate blank output.
  • [Event Log] Corrected the date picker just not working sometimes.
  • [Qualifications] When a Client had no Locations under it, Client users would not be able to select Custom Requirements even if that option was enabled.
  • [Notifications] In some cases, dispatching for new assignments would fail to start.
  • [Notifications] Rarely, an ‘internal’ Assignment Detail would be sent to a Personnel user in their email notifications.
  • [Accreditations] Some accreditations would fail to show a corresponding file type icon in the Accreditations list.
  • [Notifications] Email dispatch would not begin if phone dispatch was disabled system-wide.
  • [Assignments] Reservation notifications were not showing in Assignment Notification Log.

We’ve removed the following:

  • [Recurring] You can no longer ‘Undo Approval’ to a batch of assignments in Recurring Details.
  • [Personnel] Removed the ‘Calendar’ button and functionality from the Personnel Management page.

Known issues:
*Known issues are non-critical bugs that will be tackled for the next update.*

  • [Qualifications] A new Qualifications UI has been partially implemented and will be completed in the next update.


  • Minor bug-fixes and performance improvements.

Note: To ensure that you see the most recent version of Staffpoint, please clear your cache and cookies, as some changes made may not work if old data is being stored in your browser.

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