Versions & Pricing

Get the power, control, and customization you need to manage your organization’s staff and schedules.


Starting small, ready to grow
$ 99USD Starting price, billed monthly, per organization
  • Full-featured scheduling
  • Payroll & billing
  • Email notifications


Next-level scheduling and staffing
$ 199USD Starting price, billed monthly, per organization
  • Everything from Starter
  • Scheduling workflow automation
  • Easy recurring assignments

Pro Plus

Full fledged scheduling, staffing tracking and automation
$ 399USD Starting price, billed monthly, per organization
  • Everything from Pro
  • Telephone and SMS dispatch & notifications
  • Create divisions for various departments


Customized plans
for large organizations
  • Everything from Pro Plus
  • Priority Feature Requests
  • Dedicated Support Manager

Account & Users

Number of Administrator Users

How many users you can grant access to log in to the Scheduler and administrate your system.

Active Personnel roster limit

Number of Personnel that can be marked as active and used for scheduling. You can store an unlimited number of total personnel, including those on leave, and terminated.

Divisions Management

Create various sections of Staffpoint to divide up customers, regions served, business services, etc and assign your customers, staff and admin users to one or more divisions.







Pro Plus






Scheduling Features

Easy to use, color-coded interface

Our signature easy to use, color-coded interface lets you know what's going on at a glance. Start scheduling without the need to learn complex skills.

1-click staffing search engine

Staffpoint™ has an Intelligent Scheduling Engine that will instantly scan through your roster, check everyone’s skills, schedules, hours, seniority, and a number of other factors, and then find the appropriate Personnel.

Automatic phone, email, and SMS dispatching

Let Staffpoint save you hundreds of hours a month by automatically contacting all qualified Personnel by email, SMS, or automated phone call. You can even let them book themselves directly and automatically.

Personnel ranking

Define your scheduling priorities, such as seniority, commute distance, or hours already worked, and Staffpoint will rank available staff in the order you expect.

On-the-fly requirements

Set qualifications requirements when creating assignments, and Staffpoint will create a custom list of available and qualified personnel for that shift.

Declined assignments tracking

Track who has been declining assignments and see who your most reliable people are. Staffpoint can take declines into account when ranking available personnel.

Scheduling rules workflow

Set minimum shift hours, end times, break lengths and required down times between shifts.

Cancellation rules workflow

Define cancellation rules: who gets paid or billed for cancelling, who can cancel and when, and who gets notified.

Scheduling dashboard*

Quick at-a-glance info and metrics about your staffing performance.

File attachments

Link instructions, work documents and other files that your personnel can access when needed. Privacy settings ensure documents are only accessible when needed.

Easy recurring assignments

Save time! Rather than doing them one at a time, have the system create series of repeating assignments for you. Save even more time by having Staffpoint continually re-create those repeating assignments.

File library

In combination with the file attachments, you can store frequently-needed files in a central library for easy access and attach them to assignments. Instructions, staff credentials, and certificates or reference documentation that staff must read.

Request templates

If you have certain types of assignments requests that need to be filled often, you can template them so that all the proper info is automatically filled in for you with one click.

Automatic over time and holiday pay calculations

Let the system keep tabs on who is getting paid for OT and holidays, and how much, with flexible rules.

Copy and paste assignments

Need the same shift for tomorrow? Quickly copy and paste the same assignment into your calendar with the exact same details, even with the same personnel assigned if needed.

Proactive scheduling

Create hypothetical assignments to see if you have anyone qualified and available before creating them.

Assignment limit workflow

If you have union or legal rules that require you to limit the total number of historical hours or number of assignments for a certain location or department, you can have Staffpoint keep track. Once the limit is reached, Staffpoint will automatically exclude the personnel, and send you an email to let you know.


Email Dispatch


Email, and Phone Dispatch

Pro Plus

Email, Phone and SMS Dispatch


Email, Phone and SMS Dispatch

Staffing Features

Qualifications tracking and automation

Let the system track who is qualified for which job so that you don't have to worry about it sending someone without needed skills or certifications.

Staff availability

Set when Personnel are available or not available and let Staffpoint show you only those who are able to work.

Multi-role assignment

Let your personnel have different roles so they can work various jobs in your organization. Get the most of your staff by allowing them to work secondary roles when you need it.

Exclusion rules

If you have people that aren't allowed to, or just won't, work somewhere, this will remove them from eligibility to work at those locations.

Rules for overtime and holiday Pay

Flexible rules determine who gets paid, how much, and when. Set conditions based on client, station or department, and more.

Customize Client and Personnel contact fields

Define your own data fields to track info that the default set may not include.

Credential and Document tracking

Staffpoint can keep track of any kind of credentials, like diplomas, certifications, licenses, and more. It will even remind you when they are about to expire so that the Personnel is disabled temporarily in case a critical item has expired.

Break rules automation

Let Staffpoint automate the tracking and deduction of break periods.

Applicant Central

Build your own forms for prospective hires to fill out. Staffpoint can automate the creation of new Personnel in the system based on this input.

Attendance Tracking

Allow your personnel to check-in or -out using their mobile device, all with GPS geo-location tagging, to ensure they aren't lost or at the wrong service address.



Pro Plus